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 How old does my child have to be in order to play soccer with MSI?


  • Children must be age 4 by January 1st to be eligible to play Spring soccer and age 4 by August 1st to be eligible to play Fall soccer. 


2.  How much is the registration fee?


  • Registration fee is $45 for Kindergarten and Up and $35 for Pre-K prior to registration deadline.  There will be possibly be a $25  late fee for all late registrations.  In addition, late registrations may be placed on a waiting list. 


3.  What do my registration fees pay for?  Isn't everyone volunteering?  What is the money really going towards?


Marion Soccer, Inc. is a non-profit organization registered with the state of Illinois and IRS.  Being a non-profit means we must use any and all of our “profits” within the organization itself it advance the mission.  There is no paid staff at MSI; everyone is a volunteer (unlike many club teams) however we still have a great many bills and upkeep. 


Your nominal (read "very small") registration fee helps cover the following:


  • Every player receives a jersey/shirt in the Fall which is used for both Fall and Spring Seasons.  

  • In the Spring any newly registered players are also provided a jersey/shirt.  

  • MSI gives every Coach a “Coach's Bag" which includes soccer balls, training cones, pennies, goalie shirt and gloves.  

  • We pay Referees for every game (1st Grade and Up).

  • Electric Bills for the soccer fields, office, and concession stands.

  • All of the soccer nets, flags, referees' whistles and uniforms as well as other miscellaneous items.  Insurance to ensure if a child is hurt we are covered (there's lots more legal stuff to that...don't know all the details).  Bottom line we just want the kids to be safe, happy and have fun (and not be sued).  

  • Accounting firm fees for annual Federal and State non-profit tax filing. 

  • MSI is the ONLY organization in the local tri-state area that pays for their All-Star teams to play in a minimum of two tournaments each season

  • As well as the All-Star uniforms! 


We hope this helps you understand how every person’s registration fee helps keep us going. 

So after reading this - if you happen to be independently wealthy and would like to make a contribution to MSI please don’t hesitate to approach any Board member! (Just kidding….well…not really.)


4.  What equipment do I need to provide for my child and why is this important?  Can’t they just play in the grass?


  • Every child needs to have a pair of shin guards and soccer cleats or the referees won’t let them take the field. 

  • Soccer cleats are important because gym shoes/sneakers are very slippery on the grass/turf and a child can easily twist and/or break their ankle.  Cleats provide the “grip” needed to help reduce accidents. 


5.  Can my kids just wear their football/baseball/softball cleats?  I mean they’re all cleats right?


  • No.  Kids must have cleats designed for soccer. 

  • The major difference between soccer and baseball shoes is the pattern of the cleats on the bottom. On soccer cleats you will notice there is never a single cleat at the very front tip. The reason?  We do a lot of kicking in soccer and that toe cleat can easily cause injury to an opposing player's shin.


6.  When are games played?


  • Saturday games vary in times. (most are in the morning)

  • Weeknight games are scheduled at 5:30 p.m. with a few 6:30 p.m. games for the older teams. We will try to keep scheduling to Monday nights throughout the week (with a few Thursdays) to work with other sports so players may play more than soccer. 


7.  Where are games played?


  • All games will be played at the Marion Soccer Complex. 


8.  When are practices?


  • Practices are up to each individual coach.  

  • Please note some coaches practice more often, or for longer periods, than others.  MSI does not mandate a minimum or maximum amount of practice time.  Please discuss any questions with your specific coach and/or Division Coordinator. 

  • MSI does not allow the Pre-K league to practice.  Pre-k practices are held 20 min before each scheduled game. 


8.  Where are practices?


  • Practices in the fall can occur at the Marion Soccer Complex. Pre-Season practices in the spring must be held elsewhere (i.e. schools, parks, etc). 

  • In addition coaches may practice at schools, parks, and churches with prior approval from those locations (we obtain permission from the school district for you).   


9.  What divisions does MSI offer?


Based on the amount of children who register for soccer we offer the following divisions:  


  • Bumblebee Ball (Pre-K) must be under five years old

  • Kindergarten (must be registered in Kindergarten during the current school year)

  • 1st-2nd Grade (must be registered in 1st or 2nd grade during the current school year)

  • 3rd-4th Grade (must be registered in 3rd or 4th grade during the current school year)

  • 5th-6th Grade (must be registered in 5th or 6th grade during the current school year)

  • 7th-8th Grade (must be registered in 7th or 8th grade during the current school year)

  • Southern Illinois Middle School Soccer (SIMSS) - designed for Jr. High School youth who will play other local Jr. High School teams.  Requires a separate tryout.   


10. Can my child switch divisions?  In other words can my child play with the (older, younger or boys or girls) kids?


  • All requests to switch divisions and or move up ONE division must be submitted in writing to MSI board that may or may not approve the request.  


11. When do games begin?


  • Fall soccer generally begins mid-August and runs through October.  

  • Spring soccer generally begins mid-March and runs through the first of May.


12. How do I register my child?


  • Registration for MSI soccer is online at www.marionyouthsports.org. 


13. How do I register to coach?


  • Registration to coach MSI soccer is online at www.marionyouthsports.org. This will include a background check.


14. I’ve never played soccer but I’m willing to help coach if needed.  Will I get any training?


  • YES!  We usually run a coaches’ clinic every year for free. In addition we can provide you with practice “lesson” plans based on the age of the kids, videos that show you different drills, and forms to use.  I mean come on – snacks are really important to those little kids (and we have a form for that)!


15. I don’t want to be a “Head Coach”; can I be an assistant instead? 


  • YES!  We have lots of parents who might be nervous taking charge of herding a bunch of cats….er…I meant a soccer team.   

  • We often will have a couple/few parents who are all “Assistant Coaches” in order to support each other. 


16. Who runs MSI and when do they meet?


  • MSI is run by a Volunteer Board of Directors; you can check out the current list of Executive Members, General Board members and Division Coordinators on this web site.  Just click on the Board of Directors tab at the top of the page or click here. 

  • Meetings are held on the first Monday of every month at 5:30 p.m. at the soccer office located on the east side of the Marion Soccer Complex (109 Valentine Lane). 

  • Meetings are open to the public but it’s always helpful to know you’re coming so we can either put you on the agenda or clean off a extra seat for you! 


17. Can I bring my dog (horse, snake, iguana, goat, or horse) to the soccer fields?


  • We’re sorry but NO!  

  • The Marion Park Board does not allow pets on their playgrounds or fields.

  • Please help us keep everyone safe by not bringing your dog (or other pets).